I recently tried out Boinx Studios iStopMotion software for my MacBook. It is quite simply the must-have software for any creative classroom, and every wired educator. This is an incredibly powerful educational tool that you nor your students will outgrow, and is only contained by the limits of your combined imagination. It is the single best piece of software for helping students becoming content creators and publishers we have ever reviewed. Period.

You don’t need an expensive camera or computer. I used my MacBook with built-in iSight camera. You don’t need to know much about software or computer use either; it’s that simple to use. It would fit well in a kindergarten classroom as easily as it would in a university setting and every level in between.

The application is installed currently on just one MacBook, but I am hoping we can expand that to every MacBook in our one to one Project Based Learning Classroom. The software is perfect for having students work together in groups on a project. It’s fun and easy to use.

Every teacher wants their students to utilize mobile learning devices and be content creators.  iStopMotion provides an opportunity for students to get creative with any lesson in any classroom.

The possibilities for iStopMotion and student creation are endless.  We are just about to explore ways to use the software in our PBL classroom. Science teachers will love the time lapse function for recording anything from the growth of a plant to the decay of a banana. English teachers can have their students do some stunning digital storytelling. Health teachers can have their students create awesome Public Service Announcements. Foreign Language teachers could make learning a language so much fun by making narrated short films. And of course, so much more.

When we think of stop motion animation we most often think of clay animation and puppets. You can do that with iStopMotion, but students’ creativity will surpass those ideas by bringing everything around them to life, including the written word.As an English teacher and artist I was most interested in the artistic side of iStopMotion what can be done with the animation features. I found the software incredibly easy to use from start to finish, and the final product looks so professional. iStopMotion is a joy for both the teacher and student to use.

I found a lot of great examples on YouTube and some contributions by some incredibly young students. Teachers should also join in making fun educational videos for their students like those we watched on Seasme Street when we were young. What a great tool!

With iStopMotion you could easily create the special project that your students may very be talking about the rest of their life.  Yes, iStopMotion is that cool and that memorable. If no one else in your building is using, absolutely go out and download it and be the envy of the other staff. I cannot wait for my first project with my students.

Example: Here is a creative video on cells for a science class by a team of  high school students: 

The iStopMotion interface is incredibly easy to use. I love the onion layer effect and the superimposed video preview for incredibly easy alignment and planning. I used my Apple’s MacBook iSight camera to use the software and then later hooked up my old-school original, detachable iSight camera, first generation. It worked beautifully. I know Boinx supports all types of cameras so I imagine just about any would work.

The program is loaded with features.  I found the Tilt Shift effect to be extremely cool.  You can make any picture look like a small train diorama. You can share your creations easily, and even create a flip book. Wow! You will be so amazed at all of its features. Pricing begins at $49.  Educational discounts and rebates are available to teachers and educational institutes by contacting Boinx Software Sales Department. The price adjusts to the features you want to include and I did not inquire about the educational discounts. You can compare the different bundles here.  You can even try it for free for 30 days.

Wired Educator Grade Card for iStopMotion:  A+

Comments: Must-Have Software!

So what are you waiting for? Download this software, create something cool with your students, and then check in under the comments below and let us know how it went.

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